Toll Processing

Toll Processing

The Simpson Farms processing plant has extensive freezer storage, blast freezer, cool room and ripening room facilities.  This capability allows us to manufacture and store products between room temperature and -30 deg C.

Our ripening facilities have specially designed evapourators to minimise shrinkage as well as ethylene facilities to assist in the ripening process.

Strategically set up for both in-house manufacturing as well as contract processing, we are capable for providing high cold chain reliability, batching, multiple packaging options (see packaging) as well as HTST and HPP pasteurisation.

Using established national frozen and chilled distribution networks, Simpson Farms can ship all over Australia.


The use of heat treatment as a kill step to control microbes is well documented.  This process is utilised by processors globally.  Simpson Farms utilises an in line pasteurisation system to ensure that the broad range of avocado and mango smooth pulp products have an extended shelf life and are safe to consume.


Simpson Farms has invested heavily in packaging systems to provide options for its customers.  Specialising in liquid and semi-solid filling, Simpson Farms has options to suit most applications for industrial and food service applications.

Vertical Form Fill

The Onpack 2002 Vertical Form Fill machine is the workhorse of liquid packaging machinery.  This packaging equipment is ideal for contract work as the VFF provides reliable, cost effective packaging for food service and industrial applications.  Capable of doing 250g to 5kg pillow pack pouches, this machine is perfect for producing frozen and HPP products.  This machine is capable of doing both plain and print registered packaging.

Ulma Supra Thermoformer

The Ulma Supra Thermoformer can be used on both solid and liquid products.  Tooled up with three formats, the TF is suitable for portions control liquids (20-60g), medium sized solids and liquids (300g – 1kg) and bulk solids and liquids (2 - 10kg) packaging.  This machine has inline printing and MAP capabilities.  This packaging is ideal for HPP applications.

Bucket/Pail Filling Line

Using an inline piston filler, we are capable of volumetric filling of pumpable products between 500g and 2kg.  This system has inline labelling capabilities to allow automatic application of stickers after filling.

Tub Filler

Ideal for small to medium production runs, our rotary tub filler is ideal for 200g to 500g tubs.  This machine caters for plastic tubs with a foil seal and plastic overlid.


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