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Simpson Farms operates a 4000 sq metre packing, cold storage and ripening facility on the home farm at Goodwood Queensland. This facility incorporates lean manufacturing principles to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each of the packing operations.



Current production is between 1.5 and 2 million trays with over 3 million trays forecast when in full production. The estate will reach full production by mid 2016 based on current plantings.  The packing facility at Goodwood is designed to treat, grade and pack 2-3 million trays of fruit. Further investment in infrastructure plant and equipment is planned in ensuing years to match production with packing capacity.



Avocado fruit are harvested by hand and transported to the packing shed at Goodwood in bulk fruit bins holding 350 to 400kg of fruit. On arrival fruit is stored in temperature controlled rooms to remove field heat and hold pulp temperature at 14 to 16 deg C.



Fruit enters the grading and packing line through a water dump dip tank containing chlorine.  This process removes any dust or material from the skin of the fruit prior to the fruit being polished through rotating brushes.



Fruit receives a post harvest treatment to ensure longevity and quality in the supply chain and to allow entry for sale in other states and territories.

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