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Avocado fruit are harvested by hand and transported to the packing shed in bulk fruit bins holding 350 to 400kg of fruit. On arrival fruit is stored in temperature controlled rooms to remove field heat and hold pulp temperature at 14 to 16 deg C.

Fruit are plucked or cut from trees using small hand held cutters.and are placed carefully in picking bags when picked from the ground and from mechanical lift platforms (Cherry pickers). When the bags are full the fruit are transferred to a bulk bin.  When the bins are full they are moved from the field to covered fruit storage facilities on farm before being transported to the packing shed.

Fruit harvested at a firm mature stage are robust however they are susceptible to skin marking damage in the handling operations.  Simpson Farms have stringent harvesting, handling and quality management systems in place to ensure that fruit quality is maintained from the field operations to the packing shed. 


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