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Avocado originate from Northern America There have been a number of varieties of avocados grown in Australia, including; Sharwil, Edranol, Hazzard, Pinkerton, Gwen, Fuerte, Wurtz, Reed, Shepard and Hass. The strongest and most common of these varieties is the Hass fruit. Other varieties that are commonly grown are; Shepards, Reeds and the Wurtz, all of these are green skinned, meaning that when they ripen the skin will remain green in colour. These three varieties provide a constant supply of green skins through the market during the season in Australia. Hass on the other hand turns black when ripe which consumers seem to like as a visual aid to when the fruit is ready to eat.

Avocado orchards are currently found in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania (Avocados Australia). This broad area of production has allowed the industry to continue a steady supply of fruit for 8 to 10 months of the year.











Atherton Tablelands

Bundaberg to Cairns

S.E QLD to Northern NSW

Tamborine To Blackall Ranges

Lockyer Valley/ Toowoomba

Table 1 shows the availability of Hass within Queensland (DPI Queensland)

Full page about each variety showing growing patterns, size, seasons/availability, checking ripeness


The Hass makes up over 75% of Avocados in Australia.

Appearance. Distinctive pebbly skin and more oval shape than other varieties. Sometimes referred to as the 'black sheep of the family', the Hass turns a rich purple when ripe and ready to eat.

Season. Grown almost all year round in different regions of Australia.

Size. Average fruit weight is 140-340 grams, with a fairly small seed resulting in a good amount of edible flesh per fruit.


Appearance. Smooth, green skin with a golden buttery flesh. This variety has the unique distinction of being the only Avocado that doesn't turn brown when cut.

Season. An early season autumn favourite with peak growth from February to April.

Size. Average fruit weight is 200-320 grams.


Appearance. A medium skin texture with pale flesh and a distinct round shape. This variety is well known for remaining green even when fully ripened.

Season. Big on size and big on taste, Reed's are grown throughout Australia and peak in November.

Size. Average fruit weight is 480-700 grams, with a large seed.


Appearance. A smaller fruit that has a rougher skin texture than other varieties.

Season. A predominantly winter variety that come into season at the end of April in the Bundaberg region of Central Queensland. They also grow further south along Queensland's coast from June to October.

Size. Average fruit weight is 230-280 grams.


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